In a new era of beverages, where does bottled water fit in?
Determined to disrupt the global bottled water category, EauLab® offers a range of waters firmly rooted in the fast-growing sphere of health and wellness. As consumers worldwide seek more from their beverages beyond simple hydration, EauLab® aims to combine the refreshment and purity of water (Eau, English: water) with natural, plant-based functionality (laboratory science).
The bottled water sector, as a whole, has been sluggish in keeping up with a quickly changing marketplace. Water is primarily sold in plastic packaging, little real attention is being paid to growing consumer demand for functionality, no meaningful innovation exists other than flavour introductions, and water is still being transported thousands of miles. It’s quickly becoming a case of bottled water needing to evolve, or become irrelevant.
In line with changing expectations, our Brand mission is to bring nature and science together. To add real value to water with plant-based functionality that is beneficial to the human body the way Mother Nature intended. And to offer those waters in packaging that is both sustainable and mindful of the environment. 
Each SKU is differentiated in the way it can aid body function. The launch range focuses on crucial health and wellness trends of gut health, immune system support, muscle recovery and clean energy.
This is just the tip the iceberg. In the future, we will choose a water for a physical, mental or emotional need. For a time of day. For a mood. To tackle stress, to sleep, to focus…perhaps even to remember. A water that will vary upon our gender, our genetic disposition, our stage of life.
EauLab® debuted at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) held in London in March 2019 where it achieved finalist in the World Food Innovation Awards for: Best Brand, Best Drink Concept, Best Health & Wellness Drink.
We have received immediate interest from large retailers, distributors, journalists.


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